Hypnosis Certification Training              $2,500.00

Students who successfully complete this training will be eligible for certification through the Society of Applied Hypnosis. The Society is currently the only professional organization that requires all applicants to prove their competency before being granted a certification as a hypnotist or instructor. It is for this reason that we have chosen to affiliate ourselves with this organization, and why -- when you successfully complete this course -- you'll be among the elite of practicing hypnotists in the world today.

This training not only meets but exceeds the requirements of the Society of Applied Hypnosis, and all who successfully complete it will have received the finest hypnosis education available today.


1-Day Self Hypnosis Training.

Learn the basis behind the techniques of “The Secret”

Confidence with the opposite sex.

Combination of hypnosis, persuasion and rapport strategies designed to help you alleviate any fears in approaching the opposite sex.

Stop Forgetting. 

Sales Success.

Self Confidence.

Improve Health.

Improve focus/concentration.



SAH Certification Class                              $895.00

This course offers students all requirements necessary to pass SAH Certification requirements.   Pre-requisite: Certified Hypnotist.


Hypnotherapy (Master) Course             TBD

This is for Hypnotists that has successfully completed a 100 hours in practice and is looking to obtain advanced study in Hypnotherapy. Pre-requisite: Certified Hypnotist.


2-Day Intensive Study Workshop          $1,500

Workshops in any of the areas listed below will help grow your business by showing you proven methods to get results that will increase client satisfaction.  These classes are also helpful for those looking to strengthen a particular part of their practice.  Pre-requisite: Certified Hypnotist.

 Classes available in each of the following areas:    

ü  Smoking                                

ü  Depression                           

ü  Weight Loss                          

ü  Sports                                                

ü  Speech                                   



Past-Life Regression

This is a very lucrative area of the Hypnosis Market place its wide open.  There is very few specialty practitioners.   If this is of interest to you it can be an additional source of revenue.